megradsuitChristopher Dollard’s poetry has appeared in Barrow Street, Gris-Gris, The Little Patuxent Review, The Rappahannock Review, Redactions: Poetry & Poetics, and the Watershed Review; his prose has appeared in Thrive GlobalRI Future, and The Washington Post. He is a graduate of the Syracuse University MFA Program in Creative Writing, and he lives in Seattle.


Tuscaloosa” in the Watershed Review

Child” in The Cossack Review

After the Show” in Gris-Gris

“Knifework” in The Little Patuxent Review

Ill-Suited” in The Rappahannock Review

“y = mx + b(eauty)” in Barrow Street

“Solitary (Brave)” (Pushcart Prize nomination, Issue 13, 2010), “Therapy”, and “Blood Brothers” in Redactions: Poetry & Poetics

Professional Writing

Five myths about marriage in The Washington Post

How to Know When Breaking Up Is the Healthiest Choice on Thrive Global

Blog Articles

Relationships 101: What They Don’t Teach You in School on The Gottman Relationship Blog

Stop Mansplaining: Tony Robbins and the #MeToo Movement on The Gottman Relationship Blog

He also writes about his deep love of baseball on The Poetic Mets. His CV is available here, and he can be reached at


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